Monday, January 10, 2011

Learning to Knit

Thanks to Aaron's Ma, I am learning to knit. :) It's something
that I've wanted to learn for awhile now. I had picked up some books
but couldn't get anywhere with them. I needed someone to actually
show me how to do the stitches, how to cast on and cast off.
This is my first project, just straight knitting. Easy but good for practise.
Then I decided to go all crazy and combine stitches and
learn to follow a pattern. This one didn't turn out the best
but it's ok.

My next attempt at using a pattern and diferent stitches.
A little bit better. :)


Scrapthat said...

Hey your Dragon fly turned out really well! WTGG!

Janice said...

I love the dragonfly, so cute. Now what project are you going to make next?

Jessica said...

Hey I think they came out awesome! The scarf is awesome, the butterfly and the dragonfly look so cool...great job! i am impressed!

Marit said...

I used to knit a lot - once you get the hang of it you can't stop, you are warned now! Love the scraf and the blending colours!

Vanessa said...

hey stranger!!!

nice work on the knitting-it's looking good!
i finally picked up my needles and made a neck warmer for the teenager last month..well i was making it for a gift and he claimed

can't wait to see what else you create. have you checked out ravelry for patterns? great website.

Anonymous said...

They turned out great, Cindy. I taught myself by watching knitting videos on the internet. - Rhonda