Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over The Top

A fun little blog award from Julie.
Thank You! :)

All I have to do is respond to the following phrases with one word:
where's your cell phone: store
your hair: mess
your mother: love
your father: Heaven
favorite food: chinese
dream last night: weird
favorite drink: coffee
what room are you: living room
hobby: scrapbooking
fear: water
where were you last night: home
something that you aren't: organized
muffins: banananut
wish list item: computer
where did you grow up: gold river
your pets: cat
friends: several
something you are not wearing:
favorite store: LSS
favorite colour: black
last time you laughed: yesterday
your best friend: paula
place you go over and over: store
person who emails you regularly: paula
favorite place to eat: egg roll king
I pass this on to all my blogger friends. :) Have fun!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Gee we have some similar answers I see.Thanks for doing this Cindy!